01 October 2010

I am Generally excited for this weekend!

Ladies and gentlemen! I am in anticipation for one of the best weekends of the year! There are several reasons that this weekend, and not the previous weekend, is one of the best weekends of the year. (Obviously, a couple of weekends ago was the ACTUAL best weekend of the year so far.) Here are the reasons, colon:
  1. General Conference is amazing: prophets, revelators, and seers speaking to the whole world about things that are really important to God and to us. Plus, you get to watch it from home, which makes it much more comfortable than regular church. 
  2. Where am I watching General Conference?: at my fiancée's family's house, which is awesome and has a huge screen TV. Apostles in HD. YEAH!!! 
  3. We will be building a tent and eating dinosaur sandwiches, as well as other awesome fun things like music and maybe a movie or something. 
  4. Did I mention that I will be spending Saturday at my fiancée's house? Call me Lovesick, but I just love every minute with my sweetheart. 

So life is good. Also, check this out:


One of the greatest music video's I've ever seen. :)

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