01 September 2010

My Blain Hults

Dear Readers,

Okay, let's be serious; I don't really have any faithful readers other than my girlfriend.  Hopefully I will, someday, but for now, maybe I should address my posts, "Dear Girlfriend, (and anyone else who happens to have accidentally found this page while searching for their uncle's half-sister's cousin's best friend's blog about something way cooler than whatever this blog is about,)" instead.  But that would take much longer to type, so I'll stick with the conventional, "Dear Readers," greeting.

Anyway, I'm pretty stressed out by school, and I'm only halfway through my third day.  The biggest bother for me is the Organic Chemistry lab that I have from 3-6 every Monday and Wednesday.  It's listed as a 2-credit-hour class, but don't let that fool you; it's easily as intense as a 4-credit-hour class, as far as I'm concerned.  You already spend 6 hours a week in class/lab, which is what the university says should be the amount of time put into any 2-credit-hour class.  Unfortunately, this class also requires spending a decent amount of time before class outlining exactly how the experiment is to be carried out and all the information you need to know to perform the experiment (you can't just bring the instructions to class; you have to copy them into your own notebook), THEN you have to do all the calculations, conclusions, and other bits of science and writing after the lab is completed.  I've already spent at least 2 hours on the pre-lab write-up, and I'm still not done.  I just hope it gets easier as the semester goes on!

In conclusion, I love school, but this O-Chem lab may just prove to be my downfall.

On a happier note, I am enjoying my other classes quite well, especially now that I switched one of my classes so I can take a class with Dria.  If I make this out alive, I think it will be a great semester.

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