26 April 2010

Love at second sight

Today, I met the most wonderful woman in the world.

I met her as I was being friendly all over the place, meeting all the new people moving into my apartment complex (or, at least, as many as I could meet in my apartment complex).  I had met several of her roommates before, but for this particular girl, a group setting just wouldn't work.  I had to meet her when she was by herself.  So I was walking along the catwalk/balcony sort of lookin' thing... whatever you call it.  Anyways, I saw the most beautiful girl; she was short, with shimmering, lush, dark hair and dazzling blue eyes.  I felt compelled to introduce myself to her, which I did with shaky hands and thumping heart.  Never had a creature of such majesty presented itself before me.  This particular one was quite friendly, which calmed my frazzled nerves significantly.  We chatted for a while, my soul filled with wonder that something so fantastic would so willingly share itself with someone so mundane as I.  A friend of my beautiful angel arrived, and we continued our pleasant discourse until I had to return to work.

Unfortunately, the previous description is merely how it SHOULD have been.  I was, in fact, not immediately enthralled by Dria's magnificence, but rather came to know it as I came to know her.  Looking back, I wonder how I could have been so blind and so slow to realize how happy I would be with Dria.  I guess she is somewhat of a mystery at first meeting, so I can't take the blame completely; it just took time to get to know her as well as I do now.*  Either way, it is true that Dria is a marvel and a wonder to me, and I am so glad that I took the time to meet her today.  My life just became a little bit more worth living.

*For more information on statements like this that make no sense, please see the label "adventures of the time-traveling blogger."